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Hi, Aaron Durant here. I’m a 19-year-old kid directing my affinity for writing toward an equally deep interest in motor sports.

I write about the IndyCar Series and IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship at The Apex as the publication’s editor-in-chief, though I prefer the title President of Writing Operations. I also talk about both of those North American motor sports championships on our weekly podcast, The Braking Point.

I’m focused on writing interesting things at The Apex with my colleague Ben Hinc as I intend to make it the center of a journalism career, perhaps paired with writing elsewhere (like here!) and other independent projects.

I’m infatuated with racing, Apple and the color red. I consider myself a minimalist, I play the drums and I’ve basically never eaten a vegetable. For better or worse, I’m intensely inquisitive in pursuit of perfection and, as you can surely already tell, I don’t take everything too seriously.

This Website

I’ve set up blogs for myself since eighth grade — maybe earlier — but I never truly used them. Perhaps it had to do with the concept of having an interesting life before grabbing a camera and vlogging about it, for example.

It’s certainly arguable whether or not I yet have a life but I’m more mature, self-aware and competent than ever, and at an ever-increasing rate. I’m able to demonstrate this at The Apex and on The Braking Point, but only as it relates to racing. This blog, then, is where I write about other things, from life experiences to opinions to things I learn and my thoughts surrounding all of that and more.

Jason Kottke’s description of his popular blog is how I’d describe this website of mine too:

Basically, it’s the world’s complete knowledge, relentlessly filtered through my particular worldview, with all the advantages and disadvantages that entails.

Blog Schedule

I tried blogging every day and failed quickly. I tried devising a schedule for posting here a few times a week and failed again. After all that, I’m adopting the Wait But Why approach: I’ll have a new post every sometimes.

Not every day, not every Monday, not every two weeks and not every month. Every sometimes.

With that said, I’ve found that deadlines are pretty much required to get anything done — particularly with my monkey mind. Employing strategies and workflows internally to make sure things are ever published here is key. I’m working on it.


The main reason I haven’t previously blogged consistently is that I didn’t know how to do it perfectly. I hadn’t found “my voice” and definitely wasn’t sure how to apply it to things that interest me and that I care about.

I’ve gotten over this. I know evolution is inevitable and will occur naturally as long as I’m trying. My writing will improve and this website will take shape if I just stick with it. How will I find the perfect way to do things without trying anything? I have to get out of my own way.

The point is: Expect things to evolve around here, even on this page.

Follow Me

Beyond this website, the other places I’m located on the internet are Twitter, Mastodon and The Apex.

If you use RSS to read your favorite publications, here are a few feeds you can add to have my writing delivered to you:

Contact Me

If you wish to say hello, send words of encouragement, ask me a question or send me a box of cash, my inbox at awaits. Thank you!

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