Here are some things about my blog and I.

Howdy. I’m Aaron Durant.

Aaron Durant in Ferrari hat eating French toast
Sometimes I wear a Ferrari hat when I go out to breakfast. Don’t be confused: I really do want an Acura NSX.

I’m infatuated with motor sports, society and books. I practice minimalism, play the drums and enjoy snowboarding and riding motorcycles. For better or worse, I’m intensely inquisitive in pursuit of perfection, yet I don’t take everything too seriously.

I’m interested in the future of media and publishing and, having opted out of college, am able to pursue this interest — among others — with free rein.

I write about North American motor sports as editor-in-chief of The Apex. There, my colleague Ben Hinc and I cover the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and NTT IndyCar Series in a unique way and ask our audience to get involved in a value-for-value model.

I may not be working toward a college degree but I’m proud to have written, edited and published thousands of articles by age 20. I think every day about how to provide value to others in exchange for money — not how I’ll fit into the world after completing multiple years of busywork to earn a certificate that doesn’t truly indicate an ability to make things better by making better things, as Seth Godin would say.

This Website

I’ve set up blogs for myself since eighth grade — maybe earlier — but never truly used them, I think due to the concept of having an interesting life before grabbing a camera and vlogging about it, for example.

Sure, I don’t have a yacht yet, but I don’t want to dismiss my thoughts and experiences as unimportant and mundane. Besides, a blog is a solid way to practice consistent discipline.

Jason Kottke’s description of kottke.org is how I’d describe my blog too:

Basically, it’s the world’s complete knowledge, relentlessly filtered through my particular worldview, with all the advantages and disadvantages that entails.

I believe in owning one’s content — and audience — so I use this self-hosted website rather than Facebook, Twitter or the like to share my most abstract thoughts. It’s unfortunate that society at large surrenders their creations to social media companies or platforms like Medium, but blogging is not dead!

Aaron Durant at 2019 Long Beach Grand Prix with The Apex
My backwards credential and I at the 2019 Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach. | Photo: Jamie Sheldrick / Spacesuit Media

Follow Me

Beyond this website, the other places I’m located on the internet are Twitter, Mastodon and The Apex.

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Contact Me

If you want to say hi, ask a question, offer feedback or gift me an Acura NSX, my inbox at aaron@aarondurant.com awaits. Thank you!