This Day Counts

I started a select few days of my senior year of high school with half-hour runs on the treadmill, a decent breakfast and a cold shower.

On these days, I’d be sitting in my first class of the day when I realized more than just how ready I was to visit the bathroom after getting a head start on my daily water intake goal. I’d realize how different my surroundings felt after I grabbed hold of the morning.

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More Months in a Holding Pattern

I’m quite conflicted over how to feel about the first half of 2018.

On one hand, I’ve attended six of the first eight Verizon IndyCar Series races of the year and was present for three IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship rounds in a row at Long Beach, Mid-Ohio and Detroit.

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Bamboozled Against Gerrymandering

Very recently, I was walking in Downtown Detroit. If you’ve recently paid a visit to the D, you’ve likely at least seen or at most been pestered by a few persons with clipboards going on about how Jerry is having trouble learning Mandarin.

At least, that’s what it sounded like when I first encountered these people, given my lack of competence on the subject they wanted to raise my awareness of.

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New Year, New Site for Me

I’ve previously had a few personal dot-WordPress websites that I consistently neglected. I hope this one, a much more serious one, turns that around.

The goal is to do a fair amount of writing here in categories ranging from major updates on my life to my thoughts on racing, media, technology and more.

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