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New Year, New Site for Me

I’ve previously had a few personal dot-WordPress sites that I never failed to neglect. I hope this one, a much more serious one, turns that around.

The goal is to do a fair amount of writing here in categories ranging from major updates on my life to my thoughts on racing, media, technology and more.

This personal website of mine also hosts my impossible list, a page that states what I’ve been up to recently and more stuff that makes it my internet home.

I know without a doubt that keeping up a site like this will be good for me. While my true life recording takes place in a physical journal (you know, like, paper and pen), my posts here are sure to turn this website into a neat archive of my past. It’s a concept I find really cool and is exactly my motivation for writing daily in that physical journal.

Overall, this site will serve as my personal hub on the internet and a cool way for anyone to follow me and my thoughts. I’ll write about events I attend and trips I take as well as racing, technology and more. It’ll all be random opinioning and thoughting.

My writing here will be in the form of random-length posts. Stay tuned.

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