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It’s Oct. 24, 2018 and I’m settling into the cool and cozy part of the year.

  • Defying my brain. I’m at my best when I do this. It’s really nice to stay in bed and snooze in the morning, it’s really nice to relax under hot water in the shower, but it’s even nicer to not throw the day away by sleeping in and it’s even nicer to boost energy and have softer hair and skin by taking a cold shower. I’m happier when I choose the hard or uncomfortable option at each opportunity.
  • Catching up. I entered 2018 thinking I’d have absolutely everything in my life straightened out by the first week of January. With 5/6 of the year gone, I’m still working on it. I was seriously angry about this throughout the year but now that racing season has concluded, I retrospectively see that it was okay to experience a challenging year like this during my first season traveling to as many races as I did.
  • Reading. I’m doing it now, but I certainly wasn’t previously: I’ve read an average of 2.6 pages per day in 2018. That was, uh, not the plan. I’ve acquired some awesome books over the past several months but I’ve done little more than decide the order in which I want to read them. As they piled up, I became overwhelmed and my interest decreased. I can’t let this go on forever, so I’m stopping the trend.
  • Writing. I haven’t perfectly stuck to journaling. I decided my former schedule for blogging sucked and deleted all traces of it from this website. I’ve tried and failed and tried and failed and tried and failed to write interesting things at The Apex. All of these related failures have made me apathetic about writing. Failing has made me try less (read: fail more). Here’s another trend I’m stopping.
  • Minimizing. From the occasional souvenir to new shirts and more, I’ve been bringing on too much stuff lately. I realized weeks ago I felt much better getting rid of stuff during a previous period than I had been taking more on. Not being in alignment with my values here has caused a bubble of complacence and dissatisfaction. Here’s another trend I’m stopping.
  • Exercising. I’ve been consistently back at it and it feels GREAT. It’s nice how exercise bleeds into positive thinking, better sleep and better food choices — which remains tough for me due to my extreme pickiness, but I’m trying.
  • Sleeping. Not too much, but enough to keep the positive cycle above — and the positive thoughts in my head — alive. Going to bed and waking up ridiculously early appeal to me like the smell of a new book and the beauty of several race cars filing through a series of corners, so I’m giving it a go.
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