Being Human in a Hijacked World

We’ve all been hijacked.

Almost certainly, you can reflect on your day thus far and see how you succumbed to reacting to the world — likely not even the real world — instead of living on your own terms.

Social media companies round us up, offering faux connection if we participate in their phony advertisement-based business models that are strongest when our attention is stolen which occurs when we aren’t in control.

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It’s Twenty Nineteen

The year is 2019 and my personal website’s theme is Twenty Nineteen.

I’ll get straight to it: I’ve been off lately. My potential and my outcomes have not been one and the same. My clarity has been absent. My self-esteem has been weak.

One year ago at this time, I felt almost completely the opposite. I straightened up my bedroom — to say the least — and was absolutely ecstatic that the Christmas gifts I had received all added value to my life. I wasn’t gifted items I didn’t have use for and I was enjoying a quality-over-quantity mindset.

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What Will Apple News Do?

The recent Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis was a more-than-three-day opportunity for Ben Hinc and I to discuss Apple, cities and publishing.

During our final dinner together of the trip, I blurted out, “What a time this is.” Ben was understandably puzzled, so I continued by saying something about how him and I, despite being relatively normal dudes, have the ability to reach nearly everyone on the planet.

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IndyCar at 0 Mph

I came across an opinion article written by Laura Lee Smith for The New York Times after it was shared several times by figures in the Verizon IndyCar Series community on Twitter, including track owners and teams.

Titled “Florida at 200 M.P.H.,” the piece is about Smith’s experience at the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, based on her perspective as a Florida resident who “grew up in a motor-head family.”

Fans know that IndyCar is an incredible secret. Thus, exposure in The Times is valuable. I just don’t think this exposure was very good.

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Day 1 Done at My New Favorite Track

The Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is no stranger to me.

In fact, I’ve been to this racetrack more than any other on the planet thanks to family trips to AMA motorcycle events while I was growing up. I even saw my first Verizon IndyCar Series race here back in 2011 or 2013 or something.

But my first few hours awake today made this place my new favorite racetrack, complicating my love for the Raceway at Belle Isle Park.

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