What Will Apple News Do?

The recent Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis was a more-than-three-day opportunity for Ben Hinc and I to discuss Apple, cities and publishing.

During our final dinner together of the trip, I blurted out, “What a time this is.” Ben was understandably puzzled, so I continued by saying something about how him and I, despite being relatively normal dudes, have the ability to reach nearly everyone on the planet.

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Why Apple Won’t Bring Lightning to the MacBook

Here’s the thing about Apple “killing the headphone jack” by phasing it out of their smartphone line: They didn’t actually kill anything.

Just because the port is gone from the company’s most profitable device, and though other major companies may follow suit in some fashion, doesn’t mean we can expect Apple to do away with the 3.5-millimeter hole on its other devices.

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