It’s Twenty Nineteen

The year is 2019 and my personal website’s theme is Twenty Nineteen.

I’ll get straight to it: I’ve been off lately. My potential and my outcomes have not been one and the same. My clarity has been absent. My self-esteem has been weak.

One year ago at this time, I felt almost completely the opposite. I straightened up my bedroom — to say the least — and was absolutely ecstatic that the Christmas gifts I had received all added value to my life. I wasn’t gifted items I didn’t have use for and I was enjoying a quality-over-quantity mindset.

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New Year, New Site for Me

I’ve previously had a few personal dot-WordPress websites that I consistently neglected. I hope this one, a much more serious one, turns that around.

The goal is to do a fair amount of writing here in categories ranging from major updates on my life to my thoughts on racing, media, technology and more.

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