Why I Deleted All Social Media Apps

I spent the weekend of July 8–9 up north at Higgins Lake with lots of family, mainly celebrating my grandma’s 70th birthday but also engaging in a series of other activities that I get to do at most once yearly.

I flew across the lake in my (hilarious) uncle Bob’s speed boat. I put up a good fight against uncle Bob, another uncle and my dad playing HORSE on a barely functional basketball hoop after dark on the beach. I hung on for dear life while tubing with family friends and cousins, repeatedly flying off and enduring a few moments in the freezing water for punishment.

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Why Apple Won’t Bring Lightning to the MacBook

Here’s the thing about Apple “killing the headphone jack” by phasing it out of their smartphone line: They didn’t actually kill anything.

Just because the port is gone from the company’s most profitable device, and though other major companies may follow suit in some fashion, doesn’t mean we can expect Apple to do away with the 3.5-millimeter hole on its other devices.

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