Aaron Durant sitting on Grand Hotel porch

I’m Aaron Durant, an aspiring web developer and motocross racer in Michigan.

Web development was something I thought I’d learn about later in life as a hobby, but I recognized my affinity for it in the second half of 2020 and immediately began growing my skills. I aim to start in my first role as a front-end developer in 2022.

As for motocross, I raced for five years, beginning at age five, before my family moved on to other things. A spontaneous visit to a track I grew up racing at in June 2020 brought back emotions I had long forgotten, and I decided I would compete again as soon as reasonably possible. I’m still a ways off from making it work, but I’m saving up money, improving my fitness, and wondering every day what returning will be like after a 13-year break.

I opted out of college and spent time during and after high school maintaining a website and producing a podcast about motorsports. I attended three dozen events as an accredited media member, and I learned a lot.

I enjoy working out (mountain biking and weight training in particular), snowboarding, playing the drums, reading, spending time with my family and girlfriend, and being as close to the stage as possible at heavy metal concerts.

This Website

A developer with a personal website running on the default WordPress theme is just asking to be ridiculed. I love WordPress, but I also love avoiding ridicule, so I’m solving this problem with a Gatsby-powered personal site that will go live early in 2022.

This site has had many predecessors since I made my first website in roughly eighth grade. I’ve never been this excited about maintaining my own little spot on the internet, and I look forward to doing so with incremental correctness.