This now page was inspired by Derek Sivers. I’m living in Ortonville, Michigan and focusing on:

  • Learning how to code. After a project-based online bootcamp that was supposed to run from September 2020 to April 2021 but instead took me a full year (horrible experience and a story for another day), I’m putting 15–20 hours a week (basically all time between sleeping and working) toward freeCodeCamp, various multi-hour YouTube videos, and practice practice practice.
  • Starting my life? I’m fiercely driven to master front-end development concepts and languages so I can get my first real job. Then, I’ll be able to move out, save/invest more, buy a motorcycle, buy far too many vanilla lattes, and do other distinguished-adult things. The job comes first, then likely the rest in the spring. I’m trying not to rush, but this encompasses my big mission right now.
  • Racing motocross again. I knew I’d get back to it one day, but a spontaneous visit in June of 2020 to one of the tracks I grew up racing at sparked an urgency to make it happen soon. I’m not sure how it’ll go, but I deeply love the sport and its surrounding components (fitness, technique, etc.) and I have considerably large goals. The current plan is to hit the track in Spring 2022, but see the point above for the things that must happen first.
  • Making a new personal website. I’ve acquired tons of WordPress experience, but Gatsby has my attention right now, and every developer needs a cool developer blog, obviously.
  • Working at Life Time. There’s frustrating moments like any job and it takes up 40 valuable hours each week, but many of the people are fantastic, it’s in a nice area, the perks are great, etc. Working here has helped me build the habit of waking up early — plus the related habit of going to sleep early enough to still get 7–8 hours.

Updated November 5, 2021.