I’m in Ortonville, Michigan working toward two primary things — maybe you can guess them: coding and motocross.


I happened upon web development as a great career option at the end of summer, and have been learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more since September via CareerFoundry’s Full-Stack Web Development program. At the moment, I’m learning about the popular JavaScript library React by using it to build the client-side/app for a REST API that I made about popular racing movies.

I planned to learn all this stuff one day anyway, so I’m finding it to be a great fit. If you’re family or a close friend, you know I’ve been pretty lost on my next steps in life for too many years now, so this is quite an exciting relief for me.


Last June, I spontaneously visited a motocross track I raced at when I was younger and decided on the spot I want to race again as soon as possible. Since then, I’ve gone back many times to watch practice days and races, and I’ve become more immersed in the sport than ever before.

Considering I haven’t raced for half my life and I don’t currently have a bike, you’d think I’m crazy for being as into this as I am. There’s not an hour of the day I don’t think about it, there’s not a night I don’t fall asleep lapping Baja Acres in my mind, and there’s not many things I wouldn’t do to make sure I’m involved in motocross for good moving forward.

I wish it hit me five years ago how much I love the sport and how much I’ve been kidding myself by letting it be a thing of my past. I’ve wasted a lot of time and, at 22 years old, I’ll be ancient as a first-time 250 rider, but I’m working on being physically fit (gotta gain 10–15 pounds and build some endurance!) so I can go freakin’ fast, and that’s about all I can do.

That first lap is going to be a dream, assuming I can make this happen. Every lap will be a dream.

Catching Up

My dad told me in the summer to start making myself proud again. It’s true: I’ve got little to show for the 15 years since I was doing well at the motocross track and crushing it in elementary school.

While my friends and siblings thrived, I’ve been a prisoner of my own mind and limited myself. No more! I’m finally out of the high school pizza job and into an exciting new place, I’m working toward a really rewarding career as a full-stack web developer, and I’m taking on motocross.

I’m somewhere between being thankful for everything I’ve learned the last few years and being livid that I didn’t get to this point sooner. I’ve got some catching up to do, but things feel possible for the first time in a very long time, and I am making myself proud again.

Updated March 5, 2021.