This now page was inspired by Derek Sivers. I’m living in Ortonville, Michigan and focusing on:

  • Making a new personal website. I’ve acquired tons of WordPress experience and enjoy using it, but every developer needs a cool developer blog, so I’ve been targeting the new year to switch to a Gatsby-powered site. I’m putting most free time toward this and it’s really coming along.
  • Learning how to code. I completed an online project-based full-stack web development bootcamp in September after a year of work. I regret choosing the program I did and left it unprepared for my first development job, so I turned to freeCodeCamp, multi-hour YouTube videos, documentation, and more to fill in the gaps and continue building my skills and portfolio.
  • Starting my life? I’m fiercely driven to master front-end development concepts and languages so I can get my first real job. Then, I’ll be able to move out, save/invest more, purchase a motorcycle, buy far too many vanilla lattes, and do other distinguished-adult things. I’m trying not to set unrealistic goals, but I feel I’ve squandered enough time.
  • Getting back into motocross. I knew I’d find my way back one day, but an impromptu visit in June 2020 to one of the tracks I grew up racing at sparked an urgency to make it happen soon. I’m not getting any younger and don’t want to delay this further, but see the point above for things that must occur first.
  • Working at Life Time. I’ve met some fantastic people, it’s in a nice area, the perks are great, etc. Working here has helped me forced me to build a habit of waking up early, and I’ve learned so much being in an environment where fitness is a priority.

Updated December 19, 2021.